Monday, September 08, 2008

Back on the Bikes

Yesterday we loaded up the bikes and dropped eleven riders, kids and adults, on a back road, then drove around to meet them at the lake.

The Composer and I brought along a huge spaghetti dinner. A meal together, some readings from John, a dip in the lake at sunset.

Carol and I have been watching our kids swim together for seventeen years.


Le said...

I love beautiful life long friendships.

Lisateresa said...

I find it interesting that when you pack a "picnic" meal, it's not picnic-y. There's nothing wrong with picnic-y - it's great. But your way is very interesting - a lot of work, I imagine!

Debra said...

what a beautiful day..

l e a h said...

I love that you take un-picnicky things on a picnic!
Sounds like a grand day.

Chad and Sandy said...

how blessed you are....what a nice day

Ms. Dale said...

These are the memories that both you and your
children will be able to "pull" from as you grow
older and are not together all the time. Ask me
how I know...I am there.
God has given you the gift of encouragement and
and you are using it when you are not even aware
of it.
Thanks Anna!
Ms. Dale

Lisateresa said...

The gift of encouragement! I think Ms. Dale hit the nail on the head. That must be why I am so attached to this blog! :)

Joy said...

Oh how peaceful that second picture is. I take a deep breath just looking at it.

Edi said...

It all sounds so enjoyable...this yr my youngest learned how to ride a bike so we've been having fun taking rides together.

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