Saturday, October 25, 2008

5K Satisfaction

Felix and the Composer and I did a chilly 5K this morning and we all ran personally fast! The Composer came in well under 20 minutes, which was his plan. Felix ran 24:24 thanks to the assistance of his own personal pacer (this helpful lady also delivered Daisy four years ago) who brought him over the finish line right on time.

As for me, I shaved another two minutes off and finished at 28:14. Which is not that fast, but is faster than before. If I keep improving at this rate (a minute a month), in only two and half years I will be running five kilometers in less than no time!

My sweet daughters bundled up in winter coats and hats and cheered for us. And Daisy kept her fingers warm in a paper sack of freshly roasted peanuts.


Lisateresa said...

Good grief, Anna - running is something I can't imagine ever wanting to do, but I certainly offer you my congratulations! And while you were running in the cold, I was making your recipe for chocolate bread pudding - mmmm!

Polly said...

Nice job, 28:14 is very good, and at a minute per month improvement, you're heading for London in 2012!!! :) You've got to be getting age group medals soon, if not already....great work!

AmysZoo said...

You rock, Anna! Running in the cold is the best. I remember running in Wisconsin all bundled up in snow gear just because I loved it so much. There is definitely a "running bug", and it sounds like your family has caught it! I am impressed at your improvement, and wish you many more happy miles :).

Tracy said...

I am amazed. Because I just can't run...I never could. A 400m race when I was about 10yo did me in. I cried not because I came last but because it was sooooooo hard!

I wish I could make my body do that...and I wish I loved it. I'll just be up to walk at 6am instead.

Anonymous said...

Go girl, Go!!!!!!
Every little bit of progress IS progress.... Have fun too!
Barb in Nebraska

Linda said...

Good for you Anna!(and the guys too). I'm afraid my running days are behind me - but we do love walking and riding our bikes. I'm proud of you for bettering your time!

Mrs. MK said...

WOOHOO! Great job, everyone! I'm impressed and inspired, Anna!

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to do as a family. I am very impressed with your husband's time! I can only assume he is in his 40's, so a 6 minute mile is quite good!! I am 40 and run 10ks and a half marathon once a year.I do well to run an 8 minute mile. It gets harder as we age.;)

Thanks for sharing about your fun.

Pony and Petey said...

It's amazing to think that on the same morning, at the same time, you and I were doing the same thing, thousands of miles apart!

Do you have any plans/dreams to run longer? Any 10k's in your future? A half-marathon perhaps or the ever-popular marathon???

It's ALL good!! hahahaha

Kimmie said...

You go girl! Hey if you want to run up to CT, I will be happy to let you catch your breath, carb you up and perhaps jog to a thrift shop or two. Of course all for the love of the run and helping you to shave off those minutes ;-)

Great must feel great. That Daisy is a smart little girl.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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