Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Dinner

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner tonight! We love this household festival and look forward to it all year. Is it the good things to eat? The fun of decorating the table?

(Eve gave me buckets and buckets of flowers from her garden yesterday)

Or is it Grandpa's Eeyorish attitude towards his party that we are such suckers for . . . .

On the menu tonight:

Mushrooms stuffed with artichoke dip, lots of homemade French bread, a salad with purple lettuces and blackberries, prime rib, creamed spinach, roasted beets and potatoes, and apple-spice cake with apricot filling and cream cheese frosting, decorated with orange and yellow marigolds.

And coffee. And cards.

And birthday cards, presented in a festively decorated basket (can you say orange rickrack and sugar maple leaves? Good work, Clara!) and opened one at a time between courses.


Rhoto said...

What a WONDERFUL way(s) to say, "You are special"!!
Warm greetings,

Tracy said...

I wish I had a family member who would cook me such a beautiful meal, seasoned with such love.

Your meal sounds divine and I'm sure Grandpa felt very blessed...despite his eeyore tendency!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love your yearly tradition of honoring him... and teaching your children, by example, to love and honor their elders. Have a wonderful, beautiful, fun evening.

Karen said...

My mother's birthday is this week-end and you've given me some great ideas. I'd planned on making an apple spice cake, and I think I will add the preserves to it, too.

Julian said...

how inspiring, and absolutely beautiful!
I truly hope you had a great time, which Im so sure you did!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa is indeed a blessed man! Always a pleasure to stop by Pleasant View.

YayaOrchid said...

Oh my! What a delectable menu! And what a blessed Granpa to have such a loving family!

G said...

Nice menu! I miss the food at home!

A. said...

I adore cosmos. They look like spiky weeds and, just when you are ready to dig them up, they explode with pink blooms. Loveliness.

Anonymous said...

I can just feel the love from your family to Grandpa! What a nice tradition to honor him.

I could live on blackberries. Yum!

I see Giles popped in! I was wondering how he was doing. :o)

Hill upon Hill said...

oh, oh what a menu. The creamed spinach has made me hungry, is there a recipe for that? Also the cake with the yummy cream cheese?

Mrs. U said...

What a FABULOUS evening y'all have planned!! I'm sure that Grandpa has such a wonderful time surrounded by good food and the people he loves most- family!

Mrs. U

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