Saturday, October 11, 2008

Daisy in a Dotty Smock

Periodically I get the urge to sew tiny smocks, even though Daisy won't wear them. It's just fun to put on bias binding, I guess.

This universally flattering coral polka dot came from a dress of mine that I cut down. The full skirt afforded enough fabric for two smocks, both of which are bound in natural muslin, and button with vintage wood-tone buttons.

I'll be posting them in my etsy shop in a couple of days, but if anyone is interested now, please e-mail me and save me the trouble! ($19 including shipping).


Tracy said...

Daisy makes a very cute model, even if she doesn't like to wear them!

If my girls were small again I'd snap one up in a flash. Alas, my babies are as tall or close to as tall as I am!

Sally said...

Very cute! Daisy is getting tall -- at least it looks like it in her picture.

Not sure if you have been to, but they have the most wonderful bias strips in florals, gingham, solids, and polka-dots, which you can make into your own bias binding if you have a bias tape maker. I just made my sister a floral apron with polka dot bias for Christmas. I also made a bunch of bias-bound tortilla warmers for Christmas presents. :o)

Tyna said...

Oh, that smock is soooo sweet! I love looking at your stuff!

Katie said...

Will you post to Australia? My niece would look adorable in one of those (though it's entirely possible she'll do a Daisy and refuse to wear it!)

Anna said...

Whew, I don't have to post on Etsy, as both smocks have been claimed. Thanks for your interest!

Sally, those bias fabrics sound too delicious!

Sarah Jane said...

How darlingly adorable! It is good of Daisy to consent to model, even though she doesn't like to wear smocks. :) She is just too cute!

Sarah said...

I love it!
Hope you will come visite my blog


Margo said...

oh man, I love bias binding too! I make my own so I can make it a slice of something fun, but I do struggle to get it on nicely. I'm still a rather new sewer.
Daisy's topknot is so charming, too!

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