Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Icy Day for Baking

We woke to a coating of ice.

Today's morning of baking was cozier than usual, with a gray and brown world frozen outside my kitchen window.

Things were more golden inside--loaf after loaf of yeast bread, chewy coconut macaroons, and these shortbread thumbprint cookies with their dark chocolate squallops.

Use your favorite shortbread recipe, dent the cookies halfway through the baking, and for the filling melt 4 T. butter with 2/3 c. chocolate chips and 2 t. corn syrup.


5intow said...

Those cookies remind me of one of my holiday favorites, but we squeezed in a layer of sweetened cream cheese and coconut between the cookie and chocolate. YUM! I hope I have time to make some this week.

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Pam said...

We finally have the opportunity to slow down this week! That it is below 0 degrees here for a high makes baking and eating sweet things very desirable! Great ideas!

Lisa said...

Lovely. We just made shortbread cookies with jam in the middle. They were wonderful.

Lisa Q

Kimmie said...

Anna~Love those red and white chairs...though if I come over, think I'll choose an inside chair to eat my cookie in ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade adn 5 adopted

jmjjj said...

Wonderful visiting here, as always! I don't think you have ever shared your yeast bread recipe. If you get a minute could your share your loaves with us. I'm always so blessed by visiting, thank you for sharing.


maryanne said...

"Squallops"is almost as delicious as the biscuits look.I'm going to find as many opportunities as possible to drop that word into a sentence.

Kim said...

Yumm! I am going to try this recipe. AFTER my husband runs an extension cord to the patio where I will set up the toaster oven. With the temperature in the mid to high 90s these days, I am NOT turning on the regular oven! As it is, I'm hauling the oscillating floor fan with me from room to room as I work :-)

I'm really missing the cookies my daughter always made at Christmas. This year if cookies get made, it's me who will have to make 'em.

ChrisInMI said...

Hi! I don't comment much, but I love your blog. It's such an inspiring, gentle look at family life, homemaking, and crafting. I check in almost every day!

Baking and cooking when it's a cold blustery day outside is one of my favorite things about winters in Michigan. I'm glad you could enjoy a bit of it down in your neck of the woods.

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh yum. I love the ice around the plate.

Tracey said...

Love the cookies,, they look scrumptous. I love the dark chocolate center. I can't imagine baking bread everyday.. how do you find the time??

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

mmmmmmmmm Yummmmmmy Can't wait to try those!

Have a lovely evening,
Keep warm.
PS How about some more pics of the kids?

Linda said...

Sounds like a perfect day for baking. Anything with chocolate is automatically on my list of favorites. They look yummy.

Sarah Jane said...

We have ice here too. . .very nice to look at but oh-so-dangerous to travel in! I love baking on days like this though. Your bakings sound sooo good and those cookies look delicious!

Anna said...

Tracey, I only bake bread once a week! Although cookies and cake happen without notice all through the week. I'm only one man!

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