Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Little Shop Update

. . . just letting you know that I've posted a new scrap tote in bright apple green, a wall garland, and a luscious bed jacket in an extra plus size in my shop.


mrs boo radley said...

So pretty! Love the colors.

Sharon said...

Very sweet Anna!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was just wondering if we may have a peek into some of the corners or windows of your home? If this is not too intrusive to your family . I was curious what a converted schoolroom from the 20s would look like , sounds wonderful...thanks

Anonymous said...

PS:I like what you are doing with the girls. I think it has become "kool" to sew again , unlike when I was growing up in the 70-80s We wanted nothing to do with granny.Now I have been quilting for 20 yrs and am so encouraged to see young girls intrested...I think it is very kool to design and make your own clothes rather than to wear someone elses label.:)

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