Friday, June 26, 2009

Painting Shelves

Last month Giles was helping our neighbor move his science classroom from the old wing into the new part of the high school, and since the old room was going to be gutted anyway, thought to bring me home six big wooden cupboards with adjustable shelves and sliding glass doors.

They will transform my sewing room. In fact, they already have, because they're taking up all the floor space as they sport their primer coat and wait for the semi-gloss top coat. Which must be done outside. And it's 100 degrees.

It will be worth it. It will.


Lisateresa said...

Wow! Such organization!

Polly said...

Yes, it will! That will be absolutely great.

Anonymous said...

what a thoughtful son! can't wait to see pictures!

Julian said...

second hands are always welcome!

Stefanie said...

O.k. - I can't wait to see lots of pictures of this one. Way to go!

Carol said...

Anna, I do not know if the shelves are still waiting to be painted. If so, perhaps you would like to know about the free quart of paint that is being given away by Glidden

Carol (MD)

Sharon said...

Wow! What a blessing! I can't wait to see when it's done :)

Anonymous said...

What color? (i.e. can't wait to see pics, along with all the others)
- Gilda

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