Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Shop Full of Goodies

Many new goodies posted in the shop. Do you need a quilt? An apron? A bib or a tiny sugar and creamer set from the Army hospital?


Lisateresa said...

Good goin', Anna!

Anonymous said...

I was really interested in the tiny sugar and cream set from the Army hospital but can't find it in your shop? Couldn't see a quilt or an apron either. Sure wish I could find those things.
Thank you, Barbara

Anna said...

When things disappear from the shop, you can view then (but not buy them) by visiting the "sold" part of the shop. Thanks for looking!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that baby quilt is beautiful! I enjoyed the original post. I'm usually thankful when I visit your shop and see that others have gotten to the items first- otherwise I'd probably be your #1 customer!

In Christ,

Lisateresa said...

Well - I see there's a new feature to your blog - links to earlier, similar posts. Neat!

Lisa said...

Oh I do, I do need that pillow. But I must behave myself. I shouldn't have looked. hehe

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