Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trumpet Vine

Never needs water and the deer don't eat it.


Rebecca said...

Rabbits love the blossoms. My Thumper did anyway. :-)

Gillian said...

We had a red one back in Pennsylvania. I loved it!

Tracy said...

I was going to ask if rabbits like tumpet vine flowers and see that Rebecca says they do.

Darn it. I've lost all my lettuce and I think the cabbage and cauliflower I had planted, thanks to those little rascals. Peter Rabbit had nothing on the bunch that visit my back yard!

Regina said...

Dear Anna,
These are the flowers of my childhood summers. Best of all, they drew humming birds.
Going off topic for a moment: I thought of you Saturday as I took a "wild parrot safari" in Brooklyn, N.Y.C. with my mom & husband.
Here is the link to see photos of the Monk / Quaker parrots that have set up home in N.Y.C.
and here is the link for the wonderful site about the parrots and the tours:
If you are ever in N.Y.C. you should take the tour-amazing as there is so much to learn!
P.S. As this is my very first posting on your blog I guess this is the point at which I tell you your blog is one of the reasons I felt drawn to start my own blog. Thank you for being such an inspiration, on so many levels.
Very best,

Lisateresa said...

How nice it would be if Giles would give some tips on taking good photos - yes, I work in a library, and we have books on the subject, but who has time to read through all those?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

We have an Trumpet Vine here where I am in Australia. For us it is the blessing of the kangaroos not eating it! I love God's creation in the garden too.

Kind regards,
Sonya, Australia

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