Monday, August 17, 2009

A Stone Soup Shower

You know the children's book where the con artist wanders into town hungry, gets someone to provide a big soup pot, and by the end of the story has tricked the village into making him a big pot of delicious soup? That's how I host a wedding shower.

I lay a pretty cloth on the table, snap some crepe myrtle off the trees in the garden, hang up the thrifted tissue wedding bells (this is about a third of my collection!), and make a punch bowl with white grape and peach juice and ginger ale.

Then, by the time Connie has made little sandwiches, Mary Ellen has brought cheese and crackers, Kristen's made platters of Mexican dip, and Carol's made a darling cake, there's a beautiful shower.

Oh yes, I did contribute the sour gummy worms. Their bright colors inspired my choice of table covering--a length of striped fabric I bought last week to make into a forties dress. It will still happen, but it served me well on the table first.

You know how not every bride is quiet and elegant? Some are wacky and lots of fun. They're the ones who get the little thrift-store figurines for decoration.


...they call me mommy... said...

Simple yet beautiful!! Great idea...does that technique work for birthday parties too??? :-)

Amelia said...

How lovely! The vase of crepe myrtle look stunning too!
So simple but elegant at the same time! God bless,

Inoureyes said...

Very sweet thrifted bells. I remember having these at Christmas time as a child. I used to love running my hands over them. The flowers are beautiful.

Tracy said...

I love the way you operate ~ it sounds like a perfectly beautiful event with everyone bringing something to make the day special.

If I were a would-be bride I would wish to be in your circle of friends!

Tracey said...

Anna,, what a great idea and beautiful that the shower comes from all the friends and not just one. I love the little figures and the bells are perfect. Great Job!

Lisateresa said...

Good for you, Anna. You don't kill yourself over the preparations, and it sounds like peaceful fun among friends. And white grape juice with peach is an interesting combination!

Polly said...

I'm sure no soup-getting con man could ever make something as pretty as you. Simple and lovely!

And now I have an idea for the crepe myrtle explosion in our front yard....

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this book! An old friend of mine had a "Stone Soup Party" for church. After a day of prayer and fasting, everyone met up at his home and added yummy additions to a tomato soup base- teamed with fresh bread! They also took money donations (not required) for the church's missionaries. It was a great success! Your party sounds wonderful and thoughtful!

In Christ,

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