Saturday, September 26, 2009

Candy Cones

I picked up a copy of Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle from Amazon, for pennies. It has some beautiful things! I pretend that the stuffed pigs and angels aren't there, and admire the girl's cap (I did one in faded corduroy), the styling on the cake table, the stuffed apples, and the candy cones. I made some of the cones, as you can see. I have never before made something in September for Christmas. How on top of things is that? Of course, we don't really need any candy cones . . . . but they are sweet.


Jan said...

Do you celebrate May Day? Those are May Day baskets if I ever saw 'em! Beautiful!

Tracy said...

Very cute. And Christmassy without being overt. I like understated and elegantly simple.

I was thinking of you this weekend as I spent the weekend in an old schoolhouse 'holiday house' with 3 girlfriends. Beautiful!

Tracey said...

You could use them for Valentine's too! The color is wonderful. Great material.

Kathryn said...

Oh I have this book and love it, just love it!

Lisateresa said...

That is VERY on top of things!! That is something I really admire about you - you get a new craft book and you seem to use it right away; you learn new things right off. It takes me longer for some reason, but I don't like it.

You could put other things in them, I suppose, if they're strong enough. Use them in lieu of, or in addition to, Christmas stockings.

Martha A. said...

Those are really pretty! I am not sure what I would use them for, but so pretty!

mehalko said...

Hi. I wanted to stop in and say thank you for your blog. I began reading recently after I finished reading Susan at High Desert Home's archives who shared that your's was one of her favorite blogs. Because of your blog, we last week ate corn fritters and home made potato chips--a big hit here since I don't make and we don't eat fried foods. I also appreciate your views on home education and we've made some specific changes because of your sharing. I have a stretched-out sweater that will be spiffed up after reading your clever idea to thread ribbon and tighten it up. Thanks. One question: some of your photos give a partial picture of what you describe but not a full picture. Is this your style or is not taking full photos to protect your privacy? Thanks. Denise

Kimmie said...

Very sweet and so much better calorie wise ;-)

Looks like they would be sweet with some dried lavender too.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Sharon said...

Very cute Anna :) I also thought of Valentine's Day.

Have a wonderful day!


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