Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry Bars

For dessert tonight, these gooey bars. A layer of butter-pecan dough, a fat slather of melty chocolate filling, a drizzle of raspberry jam, a thick spread of cream cheese, then a topping of chocolate chips. Oh boy.

Published by Diane Davidson in Sweet Revenge. Displayed by Bella in a raspberry sweater.


kath said...

Oh my, that sounds wonderful!

Siân said...

Yes it does!

Diane said...

Ms. Davidson's Lethal Layers (Dying for Chocolate) are (maybe I should say "were" now, as these look lovely!) my favorite bars - shortbread crust, pecan halves, a topping of eggs and brown sugar that carmelizes in the oven, and chocolate chips. Love her recipes!

Shelley in SC said...

Wow!! That's a lot of goodness in one bar! Yummmmmm!

Sharon said...

Those sound wonderful and look so tasty too! Thanks Anna for tempting me ;)

Have a glorious day!


Tyna said...

Oh, yummy! How goes the painting of gray?

Mrs. U said...

This sounds WONDERFUL!!! Any chance you would be willing to share the recipe???

Mrs. U

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