Monday, September 07, 2009

A Festive Labor Day Brunch

Really it wasn't so much about Labor Day as it was the last time to sit down together with all five children at home, before Felix and Giles are back out the door.

And yes, I am a petty person, but I did feel the need to try out my new copper fondue pot from the thrift store. So, fudge sauce over a hot water bath! Fruit to dip in! Or you could pour it over your strawberry-filled crepe.

I filled my crepes with fresh blueberries and Lemon Cloud (whip 8 oz. cream cheese with the juice and zest of a lemon, half a cup of confectioner's sugar, and 1/2 t. of vanilla, til light and fluffy),

A plate of sticky gingerbread squares.

And last, Daisy's quotidian cup of cocoa. Because her big morning eyes filled so deeply with tears at the thought that she wasn't having her regular cocoa today. Quickly remedied.

Festive Brunch Menu:

Gingerbread squares
Crepes with Lemon Cloud
Hot fudge sauce
Giant platter of honeydew melon slices, strawberries, and blueberries
Lots of bacon and breakfast sausage
Hot tea
Orange-pineapple-seltzer punch


AmysZoo said...

The menu sounds lovely, a perfect way to celebrate togetherness before heading in different directions. I related to your comments about Daisy's Dorothy (age 4) drinks chocolate milk each morning. She would be similarly affected by the lack of her special drink at breakfast :).

Jan J. said...

These are the things your kids will remember all their lives. What a beautiful, special brunch and I'll be trying that lemon cream cheese whip! Yum!

JMS said...


Julie in Australia

Rain said...

Your breakfast sounds too yummy! I too will have try your lemon cream cheese.

Lisateresa said...

Sounds lovely.

Molly said...

...and please don't forget to invite me next time. :)

Hopewell said...

My Mother's old chafing dish!

Anonymous said...

oh mercy me. delicious!

MaureenE said...

What a lovely brunch! And those gingerbread squares look amazing.

Anonymous said...

There is something too precious about the cup of cocoa with the bendy straw in it. The gingerbread looks heavenly. I thought from the first picture that they were brownies and I was thinking, "That Anna's done it again with the ooey-gooey chocolate cake!"

In Christ,

Caroline said...

Those ginger squares look so delicious!
And the bendy straw...too cute!

Jenny said...

Brunch looks like it was delectable!

Martha A. said...

Yummy!! Makes me want to plan one myself!

Dell said...

Absolutely lovely! I will be trying the lemon cloud filled crepes as well.

What a delightful way to make the morning special.

Polly said...

Yummy Yum. That gingerbread is killer. It fortified us on a road trip to Florida earlier this year!

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