Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Bright Skirt for Clara

It's a great thing to have a go-to skirt pattern that does not fail. One that can be easily sized up or down, made short or long, and requires a single pattern piece cut out twice.

I use Vogue 7341. Here it is made up in a bright, bright flannel for Clara. I cut it a little wide at the waist so that I could gather it at center front and back. I also ditched the wide waistband piece and just cut a straight strip that I turned into a very narrow waistband. Side zip, hang overnight, trim the bias sag, hem, and I'm done.


whatever ~ cathieb said...


Emily G. said...

Pretty! The print makes me think of one of Molly's dresses in "Wives and Daughters".

Lisateresa said...

That IS a great pattern, tho I never think to "play" with it like you do, and I haven't done this version of it, since I don't seem to get 60" wide fabric - I measured the pattern piece once and it looks like it needs to really be 60 inches for that particular view.
Just yesterday I was working on view B in an eyelet moleskin, and Anna,I thank you now every time I make a skirt waistband. It's narrow enough that I just don't even bother with a hook! :) I've used this pattern 6 times!

Julian said...

pretty! My daughter would love it, plaid is the thing you know! lol! beautiful!

Ashley Nicole said...

Lovely! I just received some bright wool plaid and was wondering what to do with it. I think you just solved that problem. :)

Anonymous said...

Off topic... some of your readers may like to look at a lovely thoughtful homemaking blog about a lady living this year as if it were 1950.

Many thanks for your blog. Linda

Debbie said...

Lovely skirt! I just discovered your blog and can't wait for future posts. Very enjoyable!


Roxanne said...

Two "aha" moments happened when I read this.

1) FLANNEL! That would make things nice and warm here "up north."

2) Bias sag? I had no idea. Hang overnight. Will do.

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