Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Bowl of Orange Dye

I brought a shirt home from the thrift store without realizing the shoulders were faded. It had been a mango color; now it's going to be more tiger lily.


MommaMindy said...

I put on my favorite sweater the other day and it was all stretched out. I found myself wondering, "What would Anna do with this?" I love your creativity.

...they call me mommy... said...

Very resouceful...received my GLH books from the library to snuggle up with tea over the next few weeks! Thank you! :)

ruth@gracelaced said...

I love that lovely versions of orange are popping up everywhere. I think mango, shades of persimmon, and fuzzy peach are much more preferable palettes of orange than Tang and Sunkist!

Julian said...

that is such a beautiful color! I appreciate so much your artistic eye for everything. You make me take a look at my own surroundings, and try to imitate yours. (imitation is the true form of flattery dear:)
By the way, I just got back from buying my very first jellyroll pan, to make that delicious cake this weekend for honey and kids. PLEASE wish me luck!
Christina Gomez

Lisateresa said...

I've was just thinking the other day about dyeing an old, red tablecloth which is a bit faded, and which I would like to use to cut up in a small quilt. I've never used dye. Hmm.

The B's said...

Anna, did you use regular old Rit dye or something like it? Or did you whip up something from home? I would love to try dying fabric sometime. Looks fun! Please show us the finished sweater if you get a chance. =)


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