Saturday, March 27, 2010

At the Opera House

The Marriage of Figaro at the Chicago Lyric Opera! First we went to the little in-house supper bistro. Everything imaginable was covered in roccoco velvet, and an elevator man attended us on our way. Beautifully plated little dinners at fancy little tables.

Then many stairs to climb.

We got settled and perused our programs. The soprano singing the Countess was ill and it turned out the new singer was someone the Composer had met before. For a quiet man, he does seem to know everyone.

Figaro is long, and Daisy fell asleep at 11 o'clock, but woke up in the cab afterwards to ask what the scenery was in the last act. She regretted missing the moonlit garden.

On the way home, the question arose: what role would you choose to sing? Bella called the Countess, but Daisy picked Cherubino. "She sings such a beautiful song to the Countess, and she gets to sing the beautiful part over again."

Yes, she does.


Lynne in NC said...

What a wonderful adventure for each of your children. Thank you for sharing these vignettes.

Lisateresa said...

Yes, Cherubino's song is a pretty one. I like Mozart operas because of the lightheartedness of them - no Puccini for me, thanks!
And an elevator man! I didn't know there were any left! Sounds like a lovely time. Someday you may be going there to hear Bella sing.

Polly said...

What a great experience! I love opera and I'm sure it was wonderful for the whole family--esp Bella!

Sue said...

Wow what a wonderful trip !

Erin said...

Oh, how lovely! And what a beautiful experience for your daughters . . . I have a wonderful memory of spending a couple of days with both my parents--by myself (with 4 siblings, this was a big deal!)--dinner out and a ballet afterwards as a 12th birthday gift. Trips like these make such wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

The opera house looks breath taking and Bella's opera dress is beautiful. I have a question for you, Anna. What kind of attire was the rest of the audience wearing? We attended the Nutcracker this last Christmas. After my daughters deliberating for weeks about what they would wear(which beautiful dress would they pick?), I was sadly disappointed to see a surprising amount of the audience in sweats and slouchy jeans. Surely, such a beautiful Opera house as you attended, inspired fine dressing in the audience?
Amy F.

Hana - Marmota said...

I've actually never been to an opera. Only to a ballet, long time ago, and I don't remember much of it, because that same day, before the performance, I lost one of my teddies in the metro...
So now I sort of envy your daughters that they get their share of it and can enjoy it. Especially that Daisy in her age gets her share and can enjoy it. I must have been about her age in the time of the metro-teddy-ballet incident.

P.S. After the last post, I suspect Bella will grow up to be someone just as elegant as this lady: Actually, I had suspected it before, but now it's a confirmed suspicion.

Sharilyn said...

Truly enriching life experiences for your special little people in life! I love the investment you make in each of your children. It is inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us!

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