Friday, April 23, 2010

Bella Makes a Braided Cheese Bread

Also out of our bright orange 70s cookbook (Better Homes and Gardens Bread), this complicated project. First the girl made a big batch of pimento cheese from scratch. Then she made the bread.

It makes really good panini.

I love that she bakes; but what I love the most is the confidence she's got in the kitchen.


Rose said...

Anna, I had to google "pimento cheese" to see what you were talking about. I have never tasted anything like it nor heard of anything like it. Great looking bread.

kristen said...

Bella is amazing. How is choir coming along? I hope she is still singing.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

There is always something great at this blog! I stop here every morning. Thanks for sharing your life.

Jenny said...

It's a gorgeous loaf! I'm so impressed. Learning to cook is a skill that will stand by you all your life. Tell her she did a terrific job!

Katie said...

Looks delicious!! Would be a lovely addition to festive mealtimes! Great job Bella!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I can see Bella owning a specialty bakery one day, her work is always gorgeous!

Carolyne said...

Hello Anna~I am always intrigued by Bella's forays into the culinary world. I say that with the utmost respect because she really creates something wonderful each time.
Being a Northwesterner I also googled "pimento cheese" and found the most delightful NPR page complete with wonderful comments by others about this true Southern treasure.

~happy baking Bella~

Sharon said...

The bread looks beautiful and sounds delicious!

Have a blessed day ladies!


Karla said...

Good day, Anna! Fearlessness is really something that one needs in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing yours and your girls' forays into baking (the great photography is a lovely plus too!).
With love from the Philippines!

Val said...

Looks wonderful! Good for her, for being so brave and adventuresome. I wish I had her kitchen nerve....and I'm twice her age!

Janna said...

Tell Bella to check out No-Knead Bread, so easy and so rewarding. Just google it.

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