Monday, September 13, 2010

Felix, the Senior

Giles does a brisk business in senior portraiture over the summer and I was lucky to catch him for Felix over Labor Day weekend. So here's my handsome high school senior boy.

He's on the college search now, with the guidance of the Composer. We do get all kinds of college mailings here addressed to the most hilarious variations on Felix's name--all due to his terrible hand-writing, I just know it. It looks as though he'll be heading for points north or northwest, to study ecology and biology.

And I will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting! I can't believe how much he's matured. May God Bless Felix and all that he does in life.

drllee said...

So glad that he's turned out such a well rounded lad! And handsome to boot! Sending him all my good wishes for a lovely time of learning in college. God bless.

Rose said...

I've been wondering about the boys, it's nice to see a picture of your senior boy. Best wishes from Australia Felix.

appledapple said...

Such an adventure, such a handsome young man. My first is close (yet in the dorms) at college now (but I still prepare small weekly care packages after reading one of your archived posts, thank you) and there are 2 years before the next takes flight...but, the wings are flapping mightily!
Good luck to Felix in his search!

Lisa said...

God bless him in whatever he does. How he's grown!

Polly said...

He *is* a handsome fellow and I know good things are in store for him wherever he decides to go. Good luck deciding, Felix!

Lady Farmer said...

I can hardly believe Felix is getting ready for college already! Where did the time go?
My youngest daughter went to University of Alaska Fairbanks for her Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology. Great place for biology studies but Wow! it gets cold! Then she married and followed military hubby to New York and got her Masters degree at SUNY ESF. Now she is working on her Ph.D. in Albany. I think she is a professional student! ;~P Wonder what schools Felix is considering?

Borden Tribe said...

so very glad you are back...didn't realize how much I missed you until I saw that you were back up again. Praying that Felix does as well his brother....but I'm sure he will because he is your son!

Blessings from Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - you can be so proud of your young men!

Paula said...

How wonderful!! Great photo Giles!
My son is also deciding on his college. Currently he is attending the local community and finishing up his last lessons at home. :) Time passes so quickly?? No.
Good luck Felix, may the Lord show you the best path.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for over 2 years now! It's such a gift to be able to see your children grow into the wonderful people God's planned them to be! I can't get over Clara; in a recent post I said to myself "Goodness has Anna gone blond!" Then I realized it was CLARA! You and the Composer are certainly going to be inspirations to my husband and me as we raise a family!

In Christ,

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