Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bella Makes Another Savory Pie

She says that if she ever does run a bakery, it will be a savory bakery. She tried a new Nigella recipe, this one for sausage and spinach pie baked in butter pastry in a springform pan. Despite misreading the directions and so omitting the step of *cooking the spinach*, this one came out great.

I feared a sodden mess because of all the water cooking out of the spinach during baking, but nothing bad happened.

I think the only savory pie in the cookbook she hasn't made yet is the steak-and-kidney pudding. I've told her no go--the lack of a pudding basin is only the beginning of my objections to that one!


Margo said...

But Bella makes such lovely-looking sweets that I thought she had a killer sweet tooth!

Her savory pie looks wonderful. Because of sheer laziness, I have found that if it's chopped fine, raw spinach can do fine in baked things. In fact, one of our breakfasts is a crustless spinach quiche made with raw spinach. I've got a post on that coming soon.

Lisa said...

It looks delicious. Does Bella really want to make a steak and kidney pie? I suppose she wants the experience. This post suddenly reminded me of a steak and kidney pie in a tin, which my mother (Polish, by the way) bought. I had forgotten about it! But I can't remember actually eating it. She was always game for trying new foods.


Laura {{* *}} said...

Love savory pies!
Bella does Nigella well.

My fave is the zucchini garbanzo pie
page 93 :)
This spinach sausage pie is quite amazing
with red chard in place of spinach...wilted,
of course.

Wholesome, comforting goodness.

{{* *}}

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Mmmm! That looks delicious!

Sonja said...

Puts the quiche we had for dinner last week to shame. Good for her! I love being outdone by our kids. :)

kristen said...

A (mostly) savory bakery opened in our town this year: (I am not connected to it in any way except as a customer). :) They have basic ingredients listed, and i though Bella might like to see them. They make little pot pies, basically. Yummy!

Lynn said...

I think you would be astonished at how delicious a steak and kidney pudding can be.

Shelley said...

A savoury bakery would be an innovation, wouldn't it? I don't have a sweet tooth, but I'd frequent a savoury bakery any day. Steak & kidney pie is delicious, but more meat than required, I'd think. What about a vegetarian savoury bakery? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely fantastic! Her pastry is amazing, I can just see from the photo how light and delicious it must be!!

Anna said...

Oh, have mercy! The dish sounds simply brilliant.

Well done, Bella.

appledapple said...

I've never heard of a savory bakery, but I love the idea and would be first in line if one opened up in my town...I've always leaned more toward savory even though I do enjoy the occasional sweet!

Tracy said...

Steak and kidney pie really isn't as bad as it sounds. Maybe it's because I grew up with steak and kidney being on our regular menu rotation or maybe it is because savoury pies in Australia are almost an icon and we will try any flavour combination.

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