Thursday, December 09, 2010

Giles Swings Through the South

Giles just got in from a road trip with some school friends. Judging from the photos, they focused on their main travel interests--decaying buildings, coffee, and rural Southern culture.

Alejandro considers the feasibility of historic preservation here. Prospects not good.

Famous all over the monde--beignets and chicory coffee.

The boys are all here now, having just fed on a big, late pot of chili and a pan of gingerbread. I will continue to feed them for a couple of days, then Giles and Alejandro, who seems a little urbane for this prospect, are off on a five-day hike. Giles has always had his Boy Scout side, and Alejandro is going to develop one. I guess.


Lisa said...

What is it about the young people of today who like posing in front of slum-type buildings? Although, I admit, it makes for some interesting pictures.

Chicory coffee? Do you mean "Postum"? Is that popular?? Wow - well, it's good for you!


good_to_be_home said...

"I will continue to feed them the next couple of days" made me laugh, you wrote it as if you were thinking that was all they needed you for; food. Maybe that IS what you were thinking. (mom of 5 boys smiling here).

Anna said...

Well, Lisa, this boy actually is a historic preservation major! And chicory coffee is the house drink in New Orleans--I think the chicory is added to regular coffee to pump it up.

Anonymous said...

oh my word! i feel like i've watched your kids grow up... i can't believe his beird!..woa, man!! cool :0)

Leah H. said...

Nice photos! Historic preservation major...Yay! you go Alejandro! I love that name Alejandro...googled "the monde" but still don't know what it means unless it's a french newspaper.

Maven said...

Was that coffee from the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans? Love that place! Seems like I spent most of my honeymoon there drinking chicory coffee and eating beignets.

As for the historic preservation - I think that that door seems very saveable. It is amazing what can be fixed up if one has the $ to do it. I have rehabbed two old houses and I can't think of anything that is as much fun or rewarding as bringing new life to a building that others have given up on.

The South has been mostly in a state of decay my entire life. That is why I love it so! New things make me nervous.

appledapple said...

I love to pick up Cafe Du Monde at our local grocery store, delicious but a treat I rarely make.
I love the photos!

Sheila said...

The boys must be early 20' son and a friend just headed out on another "roadtrip"...this time Texas is their destination....why....just because they haven't been there before....(and it will be warmer than Minnesota)'s update...they were experiencing a Texas Safari in San Antonio. :)

ruth@gracelaced said...

Having been an art major myself, I think it's rare to find metropolitan, refined artists who also have the skills to brave it in the wild. Good for Giles...there's nothing better than God's creation for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not related to this post...but, I know you had a post on English Muffins (that I tried to find) and wished for muffins with more "holes". I have wanted the same and found this website just a moment ago. Thought you might enjoy it.

Polly said...

Love the decaying buildings! They have their own haunting beauty--plus, great studies in history.

I bet alejandro will rise to the occasion, though it made me laugh & reminded me of the time that I brought four of my own very very citified friends back to my dad's extremely rural mountainhouse for a weekend of skiing. The silence in the car as we bumped up the very last gravel road very late at night, deep in the mountains, was deafening. I think they were scared! And then they were all fed grits in the morning!

Giles' adventures sound great!

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun trip! My husband and I drove from south Texas to the Southeast over two days this summer when the Army moved us to a new duty station. Our midway point was New Orleans, so we stayed overnight and ate beignet with Cafe au Lait for breakfast at Cafe Du Monde. What a pleasant treat to break up those long hours on the road!

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