Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just a Little More Alabama Style

Because I'm not really sewing until I get the living room finished. But before bed I need something to stitch on by the fire, so I'm doing all of this by hand, the seams and the seam finishing (a simple felled finish this time).

The knit is a cotton from someone else's stash. She was moving across the country and decided to give away all her fabric. She brought it all over, maybe hundreds of pounds, and dumped it all on my dining table, for all our friends to help themselves. Thanks, Jodie!

After I finish the seams, I'll put in a simple elastic waist, perhaps bead the hem with some turquoise sparkle, and give it to Bella. She's always telling me she doesn't have enough skirts. That will fix her wagon.


Jenny - Small town Hippies said...

Looks lovely!
I wish I had someone dump tons of fabric on my kitchen table! ;)
I'm a big fan of the two-piece, elastic band skirt.
Ya' just can't go wrong!

Shelley in SC said...

Love the hand-stitching with this fabric. Can't wait to see a little turquoise touch on the bottom!!

Sarah said...

Pretty! Love the flowered print.

Ashley P said...

Hand sewing has such a quiet simplicity to it, doesn't it?
Oh, and the last line of your post made me laugh out loud.

anna said...

thanks for the inspiration, have not had time to try out any of the hand sewing projects yet, but just posted about my "no-sew" Alabama project :) Can't wait to make myself a skirt!

Lisa said...

So, the running stitch is enough to hold it together, is it? It just reminds me so much of basting, but I guess Natalie Chanin knows what she's doing!


Margo said...

"fix her wagon" -heeeee. I would like to see the turquoise sparkle when it's done, please, and know what your thoughts are on laundering.

I just went to an "attic party" where a lady was cleaning out her aged mother's house and realizing she wanted to lighten up now so as not to create such a mess for her daughter. So she opened up her attic - fabric and yarn - and said, please, take more! She calls it the neverending stream - put some in, take some out.

Lisa said...

I love that fabric! Your hand-sewn stitches are far more neater than mine.

Anna said...

Lisa, the stitches are fairly small, and I'm using (per instructions) doubled buttonhole thread. I don't think the seam is going to fall apart! :) But I know what you mean.

Natalie Chanin's stuff is very doable, and the directions are fairly good. I think even a novice sewer could find her way through. The only changes I would make would be to add some notches to the patterns--if you're not familiar with princess-seamed garments you could get quite mixed up.

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