Saturday, March 05, 2011

Black and White Baking

A chocolate Bundt cake to be ganached by Bella, and artisan bread dough made into chocolate-filled rolls. These will be perfect to share with Felix when we go to see his science fair presentation.

Chocolate-Filled Rolls

For each roll, take a golf-ball sized lump of French bread dough or refrigerated artisan bread dough. Flatten gently into a four-inch round, spread lightly with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and about a tablespoon of chocolate chips. Gather the dough closed and pinch seam together. Set seam-side down in a greased pie plate, allow to rise for half an hour, then bake at 400 til lightly browned. Say, 25 minutes? Just guessing.

Do not bake these if you are hypo-glycemic. I've warned you.


donna rae said...

These look scrumptious... and I LOVE that you've included a disclaimer for the hypo-glycemic!!!

Maria said...

Lovely picture. Your blog is always inspirational! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Woman, do you ever just kick back and laugh? Or mess up something? Or laugh at the silly-ness of one of your children? or struggle with something? You are just too perfect. It's ok to admit that you aren't. We all know that you can't possibly be.

Please, show us who is underneath.


Hana - Marmota said...

Those chocolate filled rolls would be called buchty in Czech. And would be filled with quark filling or plum jam... Strangely enough, we stick to our traditional fillings, I don't recall anyone trying chocolate yet. And maybe the dough is a bit different. But the principle is clearly the same. Yay to universal recipes!

MrsSM said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for the chocolate idea!! My daughter's birthday is Wednesday, and she requested doughnuts (specifically, these:

We'll do some with raspberry jam, and I'm going to add in the chocolate idea for fun (and for those unnamed members who don't care for jam). A perfect solution for everyone:).

Thanks again!

Lisa said...

Anna, if Giles is still in New York, and he shares your liking for orchids, there's an orchid festival (more like extravaganza, I think) at the New York Botanical Gardens. Heard it on the radio.


Lisa said...

I can't resist Anonymous' remark - Anna's blog has always seemed to me to be less about Anna, than about what anyone with determination and focus is able to do, if they try.

Of course, we all have different energy levels, etc. But it's a good example, I think. Of course, because she doing so many interesting things, and succeeding at many of them, it all points to her, but I really don't see her as the ultimate object of the blog, unlike other blogs which point to the blogger in a more definite way.
Also, I don't think she wants to sit in front of the computer screen, rambling about her thoughts or whatever, when she can be sewing, etc.

Just my impressions.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I have artisan bread dough but no chocolate chips. Hmph.

Wait! There's half a Cadbury bar hiding in my candy cupboard--hello sweet treats! Thanks for the idea.

Lyn said...

oh my.....that looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...


Because thoughts are important. Otherwise you have an almost robotic feel. Anna feels robotic to me and not enough human. To perfect. I used to like this blog, but then I found blogs that had emotion. Maybe just the poet in me. Anyways, there's my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Just read a comment posted here by A. As a busy mother,ie, homeschooling, taking care of home and family, and an entrepreneur, much needs to be done, caught up on, etc. She makes the most of her time by showing and encouraging us that are doing the same (or not.)

The impression I get, of our lovely blogger Anna, is one of an unhurried life, encouraging those on this blog to live their lives simply for the LORD in their home to the best of their own capabilities.

Kind regards,
Maria Ricci

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