Friday, April 15, 2011

African Violets for Clara

Clara's best friend breeds African violets and gave her this plant before it ever flowered. So gorgeously velvet now.


Davene Grace said...

My grandmother always had African violets. Funny how just seeing that picture instantly took me back to her warm farmhouse kitchen.

Savories of Life said...

I had to give my african violet to a friend so it would keep growing. I always kill house plants. Read my blog.

Lisa said...

An unusual color for them, in my experience.


Margo said...

lovely! Mine is from my mother in law and just flowered mauve.

Everly Pleasant said...

Will forever remind me of my great-grandmother...they were always in her house. When she was in her 90's (and then beyond!) we bought her a pot of artificial African Violets...she couldn't tell the difference by that point, but loved to the touch the leaves--eternally fuzzy! :)


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