Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Which I Attempt Propagation

A nice long line of spirea for the side of my garden would look beautiful and keep grass from growing in, but I can't bring myself to buy that many bushes at the nursery. That's a lot of money.

Instead I've taken cuttings and unearthed a bottle of rooting hormone I bought in 1995. It may be that nothing comes of this experiment. Or I'll get some roots. That would be nice.

And while I had out the pots and dirt and such I took some cuttings from the Sarah Van Fleet rose. My bush is nine feet high and bears hundreds of spicy pink flowers and the deer won't touch it. Some more of that would be truly nice.


Lisa said...

Good luck with it, Anna. But, in case the spirea doesn't take, try to simply stick a twig or two (or several hundred) in the ground here and there. That's what my mother did - and that's why we have two of them.

She did it with forsythia - and we have rows of it! And our neighbors! She broke off sticks of it and gave it out for planting. (although I think it's easier to do with forsythia than spirea)

Julie said...

On a whim I did the same with a crape myrtle and was amazed at the results. Hope your experiment is successful.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great way to increase the beauty of your yard and garden without extra money being spent!

Amanda said...

Very nice. I've also been gardenign lately, but I have done most everything so far from seed. I'm hoping to take some cutting of forsythia sometime as well.

Anonymous said...

Roses typically need to be grafted into a wild rose root stock to "take". Unless your roses are a wild variety already, which usually are vining, bloom once per season and are finished, you might not have much success with the roses experiment. Thought I'd share that in case you think you might have done it incorrectly!
Good luck!

Jean Marie said...

Please would you have a follow-up posting to let us know if the spirea expirement works? I too have a spirea I would like to propigate. Thank you so very much, and for all the beauty you share on your site. It truly reflects Jesus' character of simple and lovely!

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