Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Advice for the Novice Cook

"The novice should try some fairly easy dish that requires long cooking. The novice should consult several recipes and read them over a few times until he or she has gotten the parts straight in his or her mind. And the novice should call up the best cook he or she knows and listen to what that person says. And then the novice should stick to it."

--Laurie Colwin, Home Cooking


Margo said...

I just absolutely LOVE Laurie Colwin!! Both her cooking books and also her novels. I love her straightforward writing style, her slightly kooky sense of humor. . .ahhhh. I sound like a reviewer. It's just that I think she is underappreciated and I love her so much.

Lisa said...

I just bought that book and her other one, last week.


Laura said...

I also love my one and only Laurie Colwin book, MORE Home Cooking, bought it in a thrift shop for $1. Have been searching ever since for the first, Home Cooking. I love that she writes essays ABOUT cooking rather than just recipes. Love it!

Gigi said...

Love Laurie Colwin too! I read her cookbooks for the anecdotal way she writes her recipes as much as I do for the recipes themselves.

Farrah said...

I taught myself how to cook, though I remember seeing my grandmother's cook. I was just never interested. In college I was able to exist on onion rings and Taco Bell. After marrying and subjecting my poor husband to tv dinners every night I finally learned through the help of said grandmother's and Martha Stewart! I am now known for my cooking and if I can do it, any one can!

Thanks for posting the quote! I will look for this book at the library.

Lisa said...

Laura, I got mine at alibris.com for .99 each, I think. Shipping of course was $3.99 each. Still pretty inexpensive.

Anna said...

grace, thank you for your sweet, encouraging note. I'm glad you enjoy reading here and I'm so glad you are going to learn to sew!!

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