Saturday, May 07, 2011

In the Alabama Style: Two New Embellishments

Continuing to mess about with Natalie Chanin's marvelous ideas, here is some straightforward stenciling on what will be a jersey shawl. I used the "Rose" stencil from Alabama Stitch Book, and permanent fabric pen. This is just fun, like coloring. I may do some reverse applique next; the underlayer is a slightly grayer shade of lavender, which you can see in the upper corner of the photo.

And this is a gorgeous, almost-finished dress for Clara following the "Circle-Spiral Applique" directions in Alabama Studio Style. I used a natural jersey for appliques all around the hem of this navy dress.

For jersey seekers--Hancock's has been carrying a modest selection of very soft, thick all-cotton jerseys. That's where I bought the two purples and the navy. The natural came from the fabric stash of a church friend who was clearing out.


Tracy said...

I'm loving your adventures with Alabama Style. My own creativity is being lived vicariously through you while I leave my own stitching to languish until the end of my Uni semester.

Clara's dress (you posted a day or two back) is gorgeous. She's a stunning young woman.

Lisa said...

Wowee - this is beautiful stuff. And with a fabric marker - sounds awfully easy. If you're going to do the reverse applique - well, I'll be waiting to see that! (that market tote is dreamy)


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