Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilting the Roses

Suddenly we have perfect weather, and space to breathe during the day (well, we girls do. Not sure about the Composer. I think he doesn't). School is almost, almost finished--Bella, get that science done!

A stray half hour to sit outside under the persimmon tree with my handwork, quilting around my stenciled roses. As always, the thread is Craft & Button. I'm in love with the pearly khaki color.

Once the quilting is done, I can decide to go in and do some cutting out, handily producing reverse appliques on the leaf shapes. It's so fun.


Lisa said...

Very pretty.


Eileen said...

Not much sitting outside in the Chicago area right now but your post gives me hope that it is coming!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty handwork! I have no sewing experience (either by handstitching or machine) with jersey fabric and have been somewhat intimidated trying it. I have been wondering how it launders with the handstitched seams and decorative stitchwork. Do they lay nicely afterwards? Is there any bunching up? Does it need ironing? It would be nice to see one of your creations after it has been laundered! :-) I'd appreciate any tips you have to offer before I take the plunge. Lyn

Anonymous said...

What is Bella studying for science?


Anna said...

She's doing physical science through apex online this year. Not her favorite.

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