Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy Rosebud Pillowcases

The simplest of all pillowcases, cut as a big rectangles, with wide strips folded in and machine stitched to make the cuffs. Simple can be great, if you have a beautiful pristine length of vintage rosebud fabric!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, yes!

I make pillowcases and this fabric is wonderful!


seashoreknits said...

Such sweet fabric!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in making pillowcase dresses for an African missionary. Have you made those? I'm a bit hesitant about cutting out the arm holes.

Anna said...

I've never made those--but if you're nervous, try it out on an ugly or worn-out pillowcase from the thrift store first. It sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I wonder if you'd care to include any of these points as a comment here:

On the blog,,
there are "instructions for pillowcase dresses" among the March 13,2010 posts.

On the same blog,, there are multiple precious posts having to do with "digging out of chaos" - check for the title "digging out of chaos" in the right margin index.

OK, I'll mention just one more: Noel shared a wonderful post on dated October 1, 2003 - very worthwhile -

I mention them for your consideration.

Buttercup again

Lisa said...

I've so been wanting to try pillowcases - I really liked your rickrack ones - but we don't need any. I'm thinking a couple more won't hurt, though.


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