Friday, August 19, 2011

More of Clara's Yellow Room

Most of the bits and pieces are put back into Clara's upstairs, under-the-eaves little room.

Baubles hanging from one of those thrift-store mug stands.

A visit from Lucy Gray--she had her eye on all the painting.

Clara's vintage suitcases hold her yarn stash, except when she's using them as, you guessed it, suitcases.

The button-frame mirror still needs a hang-up on the wall. The vintage metronome was a find this summer--made in Germany, in a great butter yellow plastic housing.


Margo said...

I love that fuschia-red color with the butter yellow. I recall seeing fuschia against gold in a post of yours previously - that was electrifying for me. A color combo that still stays with me (and occasionally, when I'm feeling bold, I wear my fuschia blouse with my yolk-yellow linen skirt).

Talia said...

i have a question for you....we live in a fun old 1910 farm house and have some many cute pieces. but I get stuck on what to do with the "needed but not cute" things of life and can't justify rebuying them in "vintage" you just hide all that stuff? Like our phone?
Also, what do you do with stuff that isn't out now? do you stash it for later or another season or do you Goodwill it? Just curious. My tastes change due to what I have or the seasons so things have a high turn over rate. I just love how all our pictures look so clean and clutter.
Enlighten me.

Rose said...

That colour is the perfect backdrop for Lucy Gray.

Kelley said...

My heart lodged in my throat when I saw the metronome. I have an identical metronome, bought for me in the late '60s. I began taking piano lessons in about 1966 or 1967 at 5 or 6 years of age and the metronome was given to me a couple years later. All my things are presently at sea en route here to Manila from Guam, so I'm excited to see this special piece again from my past.

Very special space for Clara. Lovely memories will be made by her there.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are always so lovely- what camera do you use?

I'd also love to know the answer to Talia's questions, especially how you stay so clutter-free and where you keep the things not on display!


Lisa said...

Very nice, very nice! A lovely room, as I would expect of Clara.
Lucy has gotten big. Dolly also enjoyed being near when I was painting; so much so that once day she stepped in some paint and started to go, but I grabbed her in time, ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind us - small room, no rug! Got her cleaned up.

Like the suitcase idea, too!


Sheila said...

Lovely! My 16 year old daughter decided to play violin about 9 months ago. We bought her a beginner violin, but when she advanced to the point her teacher believes she is ready for the high school orchestra this year we were pondering how to go about getting her a better violin. Many years ago my mother purchased an old violin at an auction for $65...she used it as a decoration. Well....I hauled it along to the violin store and the two techs working there were very excited about it and encouraged me to have it restored instead of buying new. Long story short..because the stamp inside the violin said 'Germany' and not West Germany, they believe it is a pre-war violin. So maybe your very sweet metronome is also a pre-war treasure. :) I will be blogging about Emily's violin this weekend. :)

The Mayo Family said...

I love the colors!
I love the soft with a lil- added bolder color! You have a gift!
I would love to just sit & look at it all for ideas as I am in the change over with two girls rooms
(you know getting older now) yet, ladies! :)
looks great~

Anna said...

I forgot to tell the best part of painting--that I sat completely down on the paint can lid. I didn't even realize it til I started feeling the cold.

seashoreknits said...

Love the pretty glimpses of such a pretty room. So feminine and peaceful. And Clara, I love the vintage suitcases. They are a lovely matched set and I especially love that you actually use them. Would that my yarn stash would fit in only 3 suitcases. :)

Julian said...

Oooh!i love it!so very soft and pretty!christina

Anonymous said...

Talia, I think I remember Anna saying that she doesn't keep all her thrift shop finds, some of them she enjoys for a time and then passes them on to new homes. That would keep clutter down a bit.

I also feel that good storage is a big part of looking uncluttered. Open shelving is lovely for books but can look untidy for general bits and pieces so cupboards, in my opinon are a woman's best friend! If you have to use shelves store try to store as much as possible in nice boxes and holders, rather like Clara uses her vintage cases for her yarn, it's more streamlined and soothing on the eye.

Ways of Zion said...

Oh what a gorgeous room! Do you have any ideas for decorating a girls room with 3 girls in there....a crib (infant on the way) and bunk beds (2 under 10) and the wall colour is a mossy natural greea? I'd like to do something classical and nice, yet girls and fun?

Inngedanken said...

What a lovely room, congratulations!
This is my childhood metronome - still working, still in use (my students dread it...). I live in Germany and got it around 1980. I would guess the pre-war ones were all made of wood.
Best to all of you, Martina

Anonymous said...

I have that metronome, too! I got mine in the early 80s when I started playing flute.

Jenn in KS

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

so very pretty

Katie said...

Gorgeous! What an inviting and calming room.

Love the bouquet of sharpened pencils!

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