Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer Lessons from Vintage Fiction

Summer can go on and on and wear us out. Vintage fiction reminds me how good I have it, and provides inspiration for living graciously through the hottest days.

Meals must be appetizing. In a cool, comfortable home, breakfast might be melon set in ice, thin glasses of orange juice, delicate hot biscuit, cereal with real cream, and coffee that is a joy to drink. Never mind anything heavy, smelly, or less than dainty.

If you must be in town, a leafy green park is a good place to rest. Especially if it has a fountain, and a place to buy an ice cream.

Choose your thinnest shirtwaist dress when you get dressed in the morning.

Cleanliness is most important in the heat. A tiled bathroom is a wonderful privilege, and a good place to wash out your stockings. Especially with unlimited hot water.

An electric fan is a blessing. Turn it on while you rest and read.

A private home, a kitchen with refrigeration and beautiful running water, a bed made up smoothly with fresh sheets, and a shady place to swim, are blessings that any homemaker, vintage or modern, can gratefully count.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' you were reading "Homing"? The breakfast description also reminds me of "Happiness Hill".

Rose said...

I like your take on the vintage fiction ideas Anna.

leah said...

Thank you for this! We have had over 30 days of 100+ degree temps and no relief in does get very wearying.

Janet said...

What is this quoted from?

Lisa said...

Fans are my constant companions in the warm weather.


seashoreknits said...

Love these, Anna.
Fans are a welcome blessing in all the rooms we live in.
Cool lightweight clothes a must (in white!)
Lots of chilled melons too.
Now I'm inspired to work more on the dainty!

Anonymous said...

Like anonymous I was definitely thinking of "Homing." That is such a good book. I usually re-read that one when it is cold because I am already too hot in this summer heat! :)
Just wanted to say I love your blog. I've been reading it for years and find it so relaxing and enjoyable. I don't always comment but I'm reading it nearly every day!

Rebecca said...

I don't think dear Grace mentions it but I would add "talcum powder after a cool shower". With something cool and floaty to put on afterward a lady might just survive.

Martha A. said...

What about thin slices of cold chicken on delicate slices of bread? = ) I love vintage fiction!

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