Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Krispy Kreme Korset

Just what I didn't know I needed: an Alabama Chanin-style donut-themed corset.

Well, I have one now. Found the Krispy Kreme shirt at the thrift store, and backed it with a plain red tee.

Hand-stitched, except for the shoulder seams. Seams unfinished and left on the outside. Pattern found in Alabama Stitch, Natalie Chanin's first book.


Margo said...

that just really cracks me up! And the colors are so perfect for the season. Wow. I would love to see a photo of it in use - how do you style it?

I really must try sewing with knits. You make it look so easy.

Amy said...

this is awesome!!!! I am loving all of your Alabama Chanin stuff…your courage as a seamstress is inspiring!

The Choll said...

It's a Christmas Miracle.

{ T G L } said...

Haha, that's really cute! Is it comfortable to wear?

Found your blog and *love* it - nice photography too!

This Good Life

Angela said...

I really like handwork and have been tempted to try the Alabama Studio stuff but have put it off due to too many WIPs. I'm amazed at how much you get done! And I like that you don't stick to one "genre" -- truly eclectic.

Lisa said...

Will it be part of your running outfit? Proof that doughnut eaters can still be fit


Kimberlee said...

A perfect example of what makes your blog so delightful - you are always full of surprises!

Laura {{* *}} said...

I don't usually wear advertising
I want one of these!

...and a chocolate glazed.

{{* *}}

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. How would you wear such a top?

Laura {{* *}} said...

Marketing brilliance, Anna.
I just caved
and bought a copy for myself!

Merry Merry!

{{* *}}

Shelley said...

Just in time to wear to ... ?

Anna said...

Kristmas! :)

Jan said...

I have been following your blog for a couple of years and I am intrigued by your dress form. Is it a do-it-yourself project or can I buy one somewhere?

Anonymous said...

oh the irony!

deb meyers

Mara said...

I love your blog and always look forward to new posts. Your talent for sewing inspires me to create my own beautiful clothing items, and this one is so kute! ;)

~ The Cranberry Crane ~

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, sweet Anna! Looks like a bavarian frock for the holidays!! : ) Stay warm! : D)

Maria Ricci

Paula K. Cravens said...

What a giggle. Terrific. Thank you for introducing me to Alabama style.

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