Friday, December 30, 2011

Raspberry Ripple Blanket, Finished

For Daisy's delectation. We're trying it out by the fire here in a minute.

I think it can be hard to incorporate white or cream stripes into your design. I like a very small range of values, myself, everything about the same darkness or lightness. This was different.

I had to get used to it, whichI did by repeatedly telling myself "Ice cream." It worked.


Clare R said...

Mmmm... ice cream is a good word. Looks delicious!

God bless!

Margo said...

Yes, I usually call these colors "sherbet" colors and then I love how they go together. Your afghan looks delicious!

That's an interesting way to think about values in a design. I think I do really like contrast, but my fear is that the contrast is not clever. For example, I get bored with a colored shirt always worn with black or white because we have this perception that black and white go with everything. Well, I think there are subtler, better contrasts and I am always playing around with fabric and outfits to find it.

Sheila said...

Very nice.....and now have you used up all your 'scraps'?

Tracy said...

Ice cream and a warm blanket in one? Perfect!

Val said...

Ice cream, or maybe the lovely raspberry filling in a jelly roll. Yummy, regardless!

Jeannine said...

I hope you are sitting in the satisfaction of a finished project, Anna! Beautiful colors and pattern! I could get used to it right quick!

On my to-do list for 2012: learn to crochet.

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