Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Neighbor's Egg


Anonymous said...

Ah! The beautiful brown egg. Our chickens give us these delicious, healthy eggs daily! We live in the northeast and have Golden Comet chickens. They are cold hardy, and just about the sweetest birds you'll ever meet. It's so fun to watch them play, and they'll follow you all around the yard. They are wonderful with my ten year old, too. Everyday we get fresh, extra large eggs that do not spread out when you crack them into the frying pan (spreading out is a sure sign of an older egg.) I bet you enjoyed this lovely treat!

Tracy said...

Don't you just love the colour of home-grown eggs? That yolk looks as sunshiny as Clara's yellow dishes. Looks like that list you posted is getting worked on very nicely.

I just received Nigella Lawson's 'Forever Summer' DVD's, so in winter I'll be re-watching those for some summery inspiration.

Margo said...

what, no egg cup?! I've always wished I like soft boiled eggs so I would have a reason to collect egg cups.

Anonymous said...

Properly cooking a soft-boiled egg is real fine art. Looks like you did a lovely job.
Amy F.

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