Thursday, February 09, 2012

Seriously, Sew the Oolong Dress in Jersey

This Colette pattern is designed for a woven fabric, to be cut and sewn on the bias. But put on the straight grain on a knit fabric, it is a dream! No need to line it, no need to hem it or finish the edges of the facings, just go!

The specific changes I've made:
• I used two yards of 60 inch jersey (from the thrift store, no less).
• Pieces are turned 45 degrees to align with the grain.
• I hand-gathered the front bodice with button thread.
• I top-stitched the skirt to the bodice by hand, with button thread (a la Alabama Chanin).
• This time, I swapped the sleeve out and used a circular flounce. Unhemmed. I pulled mine from the "Taffy" blouse in the Colette Sewing Handbook, but cut it to just half the length.
• No hem necessary at the bottom of the skirt, no raw edges need finishing.


Lilian said...

You're so clever Anna. It looks so comfortable.

Megan said...

Brilliant! I would like to try this.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea, and what a great dress!

opportunityknits said...

I like your idea of sewing with knit jersey fabric. Will keep this idea in mind for future projects.
Your Oolong dress is so beautiful, love that shade of green.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Great job, Anna!


the momma said...

fabulous!! any reason why one couldn't use perle cotton instead of the button thread?

seashoreknits said...

Now I must put this in the queue.
Love the simplicity - and I spied that Alabama Chanin detail right away!
You are so creative, Anna.

Hana - Marmota said...

I love the Oolong dress more and more... these sleeves are fantastic!
Also, you have inspired me to Alabama style a stained T-shirt of mine.

Anonymous said...

wow, you've got skills!

atreebytheriver said...

Beautiful! And I love the color.

Heather said...

It looks so very very comfortable, but at no injury to it's fine style! What a great way to make a thrifted treasure of jersey yard goods work with a pattern designed for wovens!

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