Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cake Lady: Gullah Dirty Cake

Colossal chocolate cake from the Low Country, with a gargantuan frosting recipe. Fifteen cups of powdered sugar? We cut it in half, then only used a part of what we made.

A very impressive and towering three layers but secretly, I think we all preferred our old standby.


Polly said...

HELLO! What a cake! I am so interested in the origin of it, because I've never heard of a Gullah Dirty Cake, and I've got deep roots in the Lowcountry. I'll have to ask my dad if he knows about it.

Gosh. I'd like to just dive into the computer monitor and eat a slice. It reminds me of the cake Pollyanna eats at the bazaar in the movie w/ Hayley Mills--it's an enormous slice of cake and somehow, ever since I was little, seems the epitome of Cake.

Rose said...

Dirty cake? Why is dirty? Looks pretty good to me -- except 15 cups of sugar!!!

Margo said...

hm, that's not a very attractive name for a sweet. I love dirty rice, but a cake? However, it's very pretty.

What are your plans for the leftover icing?

Janet said...

You totally inspired me! I got the book from the library afte you started baking. My mom mentioned that she would like a carrot cake for her birthday and I made the beauty from the book. It was fantastic, and I copied the decorations - it will be made again and again by me!! Love reading your blog, you and I have very different lives and yet I am so inspired by what goes on in your house. :)

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