Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Carefree Cotton Dress for Bella: Advance 6118

This pattern can definitely go dressy or casual, depending on fabric choices. Someday soon I'll make it up in satin for fancy, but first I tried it out in two kinds of cotton gauze, in Bella's signature soft orange.

Textured on the bodice, plain in the skirt, it makes a comfortable frock.

I was actually quite short of fabric (a passalong in the stash) and cut the skirt far narrower than the pattern would have had it. It's still plenty full for every day though.


Polly said...

That is a GREAT dress pattern! I love all the possibilities. And it looks like a good seamstress like you could make it fit like a dream.

That color is just lovely on Bella!

Rose said...

Lovely, the colour sits well on Bella.

Shelley said...

She looks lovely, good enough to eat! I can see her creating her signature dessert: Peaches Bella.

Lisa said...

Oh, I LOVE it!


Sarah said...

So pretty!

maven said...

Very beautiful! (The young lady and the dress!)

opportunityknits said...

Such a pretty dress for a lovey girl! Makes me wish I was young again.

Rachel Proffitt said...

Those 1950's patterns really eat up the fabric don't they? But oh how pretty they were! I really love the styles from the late 30's through about '59 :)
She looks lovely- that colour is definitely hers :)

Margo said...

how pretty! I bet that bodice is easy to make, too - no sleeves to set in.

Did you mean the fabric you used for the bodice is textured? Or just that the bodice has that waistband and gathers?

Anna said...

Margo, the fabric for the bodice is embroidered with large raised dots, and the skirt fabric is plain.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

This is beautiful and looks so good on Bella.
Happy Sewing.

Anonymous said...

This dress is beautiful!

Would you be willing to post a picture of the pattern envelope back and the instruction sheet with the pattern piece outlines?
The style is quite similar to a dress I am making, and I would love to see how this vintage dress goes together.
I have looked all over for another pattern, to no avail... =/

Thank you for your delightful blog; it is a refreshing breath of air, and I visit often.

Anonymous said...

You didn't just use the word "frock" did you?? LOL!
Gorgeous dress ~ gorgeous girl.
I wish I knew how to make one for my girl.

J.C. said...

Beautiful girl and dress! I love all these dresses you make for yourself and your girls! My oldest is tall and thin like your Clara and I always envision her in those dresses. I am a beginning sewer (as in I've taken the sewing machine out of the box...). I love vintage clothing, and I am anxious to sew practical and beautiful things right away. Do you have any patterns you would recommend for beginners to gather experience while still making something lovely? Thank you!

Carol said...

Bella looks beautiful! (in MD)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh....yes, this is nice. I like that it still has plenty of skirt. Comfy, for sure. :o)


Anna said...

E, I would be happy to do that. Why don't you e-mail me as a reminder (email is in my profile).

J.C., I don't have any specific pattern recommendations for you, except that generally patterns from the 50s are more beginner-friendly--I would look for one with simple darts to shape the bodice. And avoid kimono sleeves at first--skipping the sleeve setting-in can be nice, but I think they are confusing to finish for the inexperienced.

Anyone else have a nice recommendation?

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