Monday, April 23, 2012

Curly Locks

Bella's been curling her dreadlocks. A spritz of water the night before to dampen them, then they're twisted up in three or four buns and tied in a scarf. In the morning, she lets them down, and: glamour.


Sarah said...

So pretty!

Jess said...

Curly locks, curly locks
wilt thou be mine?
thou shalt not wash dishes
nor yet feed the swine
but sit on a cushion
and sew a fine seam
and dine upon strawberries
sugar and cream.

My kids love that nursery rhyme.

Bella is beautiful, as always.

Amy said...

Lovely! I have an African daughter (from Ethiopia) and would love to learn about dreads. Do you have any recommendations? Does she have a special hair stylist? How old was she when she first put them in?

jodi said...

Very pretty.

Lori said...

love the hair--I'm chuckling at the word glamour--and the word drama sneaks in--aren't all kids that age having both??! And I remember the eye-rolling--and DD thinking her parents were "so not with it"! Its amazing how when they are older--their parents are so much smarter then they were.

Anna said...

Amy, here's the link to more info:

Lori, I have to give Bella credit for being past much of that. I do remember when she was ten though . . . .

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Bella is a beautiful girl..Love it..

Anonymous said...

It's fun to have a variety of looks to take advantage of with our hair. :o) and when it's as easy as this, so much the better. I think I was about Bella's age when I became very interested in a new "do" every couple weeks or so. It was fun to experiment!


Lisa said...

Hey - Happy Birthday!


Kimmie said...


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