Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iris Garden Log Cabin Quilt, Finished

I am in love with the saturated purples of this quilt, but. I don't need it! I decided to let the market decide, and I've put it in my etsy shop for the next week or so.

I do love this palette. That's why I kept making the top bigger and bigger (it's not a baby quilt, it's plenty big to cover the foot of the bed, and helpful in an adult napping situation).

My mother hand-quilted it in running embroidery stitches, our new favorite way of working with pieced quilt tops.

It's available for the next week only, then. If it's meant to be yours, I'll happily sell it to you. If not, I'll make room on my bed!


Margo said...

I would love to see the whole thing. I love how quilts become so much more than the sum of their patches.

Gillian said...

This is gorgeous. Unfortunately I have to feed my own quilting habit so I can't afford to buy it... but I'm enjoying looking!

Anna said...

Gillian, I bet you don't need it either! :)

The Mayo Family said...

It's beautiful!
And you have your Momma to help...what a blessing! :)
How do you do the hand quilting,
meaning start where and how far apart? I love the look!

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