Monday, May 21, 2012

Rooster Pillow, Finished

I finished this rooster guy and then appliqued him to a larger square of natural-colored jersey.

I had a scrap of stencilled yellow to applique on the back side for a little interest there.

And then I sent him down to live at Phyllis' house, in gratitude for the many dozens of eggs she's provided to me.


Margo said...

it's so cheeky and great! Love it.

Lisa said...



Gillian said...

He's lovely. So cheerful and sunny!

barb said...

Awesome! I just finished my Alabama Chanin Skirt with a stenciled rooster & the uneven ruffling featured in the newest book. Sassy red skirt for doing my rooster strut in. Love your cheerful yellow rooster.

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