Friday, May 11, 2012

Your Guide to Natalie Chanin's Books

Rather than answering individual inquiries, let me help all of you with questions about which Alabama Chanin book to buy.

Alabama Stitch Book
• Contains all the basic sewing and applique information.
• Major garment patterns: Corset (sleeveless top). Quite beautiful, extremely fitted, very low neckline (fixable). Swing skirt. A-line skirt made from four gores.
• Smaller projects: bandanna, shawl, boa, flowers, pincushion, stuffed bunny.

Alabama Studio Style
• Contains all the basic sewing and applique information.
• Major garment patterns: Tank dress. Six gore dress with curved seams, low-cut neck (fixable), sleeveless. Can be cut at waist to make tunic, shirt, and skirt.
• Smaller projects: placemats and napkins, shopping bags, throw pillows, doily, apron.
• New techniques: circle spiral applique, eyelet embroidery, stringing.

Alabama Studio Sewing + Design
• Contains all the basic sewing and applique information.
• Vastly expands the vocabulary of embellishment with stripes, ruffles, variations on inking and beading.
• Major garment patterns: Fitted dress. Four gores, sleeve variations from sleeveless to cap to short to flared long. Bolero. Fitted tee shirt. All lengths of skirt from the dress pattern. Hat. Poncho and tied wrap.
• Detailed "fabric maps" and embellishment samples.

Most of the Alabama Chanin stencil patterns are available as downloads at Alabama Chanin, so they are available no matter which book you choose.

Ooh, have fun!


Angela said...

Thanks for the lowdown. One of these days I plan on trying this.

Sara said...

You're a sweetheart; thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, the info I'd been looking for.

Polly said...

Thanks for this, Anna! I know you posted it ages ago but I have finally taken the plunge to order Studio Sewing and Studio Style--I decided on both because you mentioned that Bella prefers the gored dress in style to the fitted one in studio sewing...& given my shape I think gored would work well for me, too.

I have just stitched up the seams on my first "corset" from the stitch book. I am fitting it on the fly (time to take in those straps!) and having so much fun!

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