Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Rest of the Summer

When summer started it seemed like endless idle weeks, right? Now I'm squeezing these plans into the next two months:

• Giles comes home tomorrow for a quick visit, shooting video for the Composer. Big shoot weekend: Bella and I are catering, Clara is directing traffic, Felix is the grip. Daisy's duties are undefined, but probably include serving water.

• A week in Charleston! I hear there's a milliner there, and a beach. Recommendations welcome!

• Putting on another wedding. This time the ceremony is at the church and the reception's at my house. Planning loveliness.

• The Composer insists that we will all (except Daisy) watch all the Star Trek movies before the summer is out. Three down.

• I'm slipcovering a chair! First time ever, and determined.

• Opera camp and chamber music camp for the girls, and organic chemistry for Felix.

• And then we have to take Clara to college.


Lisa said...

Slipcovering a chair! Now, that I want to hear about afterward. I would like to try it, but I know Dolly would tear my work to shreds. Still, I feel drawn to it, and will probably try some time.
Are you going to use drop cloth, which it seems is the thing to use?


Polly said...

What plans!!! I want to hear all about the slipcover b/c that is also on my to-do list for this year.

As for Charleston, I think I'll email you a few recommendations I have. My family is from Chas and my father still has a home there--it's my 'second home' and I love it. So I'll send you a few of my own personal favorites.

Caroline said...

Oh, Charleston is so wonderful! My reccomendations would all be food-related...

*High Cotton (excellent for a romantic dinner for two)
*Palmetto Cafe (for breakfast or brunch)
*Caviar & Bananas (stock up w/ gourmet picnic fare and bring it to one of the city's gorgeous parks)

Here's to a happy summer! (Despite Clara saying bon voyage)

Anna said...

Lisa, I have fake dropcloth--white canvas yardage. So far I've done the box cushion cover for the seat.

Kimmie said...

don't forget to breathe deeply my friend. Enjoy your children and your summer!

I love how you serve others. I was thinking of you this morning, as I prepare to lead a book/Bible study at my house next Tuesday. God brought you to mind as a "confident" woman (we are reading A Confident Heart). You amaze me my sweet friend.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Lisa said...

"fake dropcloth"! :D

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

When my daughter and I were busy cooking and baking for my son's upcoming wedding reception, the grandchildren kept somewhat still at my house watching Star Wars... the original first three episodes whose new numbers confuse me. :)

Before she graduated college and got married and became a mother and moved 1,000 miles away the four of us watched the Star Wars marathon which was always telecast on one of the Holidays. A rather odd tradition but we loved it.

kath said...

I've slipcovered seat cushions and I love that I can just toss them into the wash when needed. I've been watching Miss Mustard Seed's video tutorials on slipcovering chairs and I'm planning to tackle the rest of a loveseat that no longer matches my furniture. Please post photos of yours to keep me motivated!
Your two-month plan sounds lovely. I hope you accomplish all of your goals!

Anna said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Glad I'm not alone in slipcover world.

Kimmie, I hope your Bible study is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss Charleston! We lived there for 2 years, such a lovely place. Walk the Battery. Visit the Market, buy a basket. Take the ferry out to Fort Sumter.

Jill said...

Chamber Music Camp! How we would love such a thing here. Pity you are so far away from New Zealand - I think your girls and mine would get on famously.

Anonymous said...

OH I pray you have a blessed summer so hard to say goodbye but needed if futher study is to be undertaken my eldest finishes a five year degree this year and I'm hoping for some long weeks together before they start work!! give clara our love (even though she doesn't know us!)she might like to know our son started cello this year in his late teens and has just started a piece by bach =heaven in the house if he can soung this good clara must sound sublime love grace

Marlaine said...

Blessings to you and yours this summer! :-) And congrats on the slipcover...always exciting to try something new!

And I need to thank you: the photo you posted of Clara's jam last summer stuck in my brain and inspired me: I made my first-ever (strawberry) jam this week!

Shelley said...

Gosh, it's been nearly 30 years since I visited Charleston. I remember The Battery, there are some very old homes there worth seeing. I also remember that the time I thought the docent's Southern accent was so crisp that it approached an English accent. Hope you have a great time in Charleston, it's a lovely place with wonderful food.

jtatiana21 said...

Charleston is great, we are heading there again in couple of weeks. You should visit some of the plantations if you are into history, Charles towne landing is fun and quite cheap actually. I like Isle of Palm for the beach best, Folly beach is not bad, but far more of the young crowd. Isle of Palm is more about families in my humble opinion. I would avoid expensive places to eat, because I don’t think they are just worth it and I would absolutely avoid Bubba Gump. little family owned restaurants that serve fresh local seafood are the best. When it comes to baskets, they are gorgeous but soooooo expensive. I personally can’t spend hundreds of dollars on basket, no matter how pretty it is.

Kate said...

My husband and I visited Charleston a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the place. We only had a couple of days to spend there, but they were absolutley wonderful. One thing which I cannot recommend highly enough is Ed Grimball's walking tour:

It is such a wonderful way to see and learn about the "town". I think you and your family would really enjoy it.

A restaurant that we also really enjoyed was Joseph's. It is just a little place, tucked away on one of the old streets. Ed recommended it to us for lunch and it was fabulous! The potato salad was amazing, as well as their fried oysters......mmmmmm!

Anyways, I hope you and yours have a wonderful summer!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

And watching the olympics! You only see it as an 8-year-old once. And I thought synchronized swimming was the be-all-end-all. smiles, Mary Brooke

Stephanie in SC said...

I am lucky to be a local here in Charleston, and the best beach, as far as ease of access is Folly. When you come to the end of Folly Rd, and you are facing the Tides Hotel, take a right at the last light. Travel down through the residential section until you see the dunes and all the roadside parking. You literally park on the side, walk over the dunes and you are on the beach. Parking is $3.00 for a couple of hours. IOP is a much farther walk, which is no fun at the beach, and is very crowded. But all beaches will be crowded this coming week...
The Mustard Seed is a favorite restaurant, and skip anything with a long wait..there's far too much good food around for that! For some wonderful dessert inspiration take a look at's so pretty you don't even need to eat it to appreciate it.
We love Magnolia Gardens the best as far as plantations go...something for everyone there. A little pricier than the other plantations if you get all the extras, but BEAUTIFUL!If I see you while I'm out and about, I'll wave :-)

Stephanie in SC said...

And I can't believe I forgot to mention the Battery!

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