Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Second Day of Rehearsal

I just have the one thing to say: ahh.



Anonymous said...

What a Treat! Will all 3 of the girls be together next school year, or spreading out for awhile? B/North

Gillian said...

What a privilege to have such music live in your house.

seashoreknits said...

Anna, I meant to ask you yesterday: would you mind sharing the pieces you're being treated to? I'd love to know what the trio are rehearsing.
What joy to be surrounded by beautiful live music!

Anna said...

Schubert's Second Piano Trio in Eb, and Mozart's Piano Trio in Bb Major, K. 502.

Anonymous, the girls will be spread out next year. But having a summer full of music together right now.

Heather said...

What a delight to be treated to a trio each day! I love it when classical music fills our home. Our daughter is preparing for the Early Bach competition in piano right now so it's all Bach all of the time. She has 15 Bach pieces memorized with their chords and inversions and she is just at the 'polishing' stage before having her work adjudicated. It's been a delight to hear her work so hard at a goal she set for herself - though I am very happy that her practice for her next goal, the Sonatina medal, will include a wide variety of composers!

Katie said...

What a blessing!

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