Friday, June 15, 2012

Thinking About Middle Age

"Middle age doesn't meant the same to everyone. It is a time of life when all the forces in a body are at their height, and if a person has lived an unrestrained, selfish youth, the very strength of personality will sweep him on in a current of self-indulgence.

Middle age is a time of realization, all right, but it depends upon what one has done with the preceding years. You've done the very best you could always; you've kept a firm hand on the wheel of your life and the compass steadily pointing toward the best.

Why shouldn't you find life a wonderful, inspiring thing? That's what the good Lord meant it to be for all of us."

--Emilie Loring, My Dearest Love


Anna said...

Do we even still have middle age any more? I'm all for it!

Lisa said...

Commenting on your own post! Now surely that's something only a middle-aged person would have the nerve to do!

If I'm not middle-aged, I don't want to think of what else I might be.


Anonymous said...

I love this!

It seems to me that we're no longer supposed to embrace aging, we're suppose to look and act as perpetual 20-30 somethings.

Rose said...

My 85 year old Mum says that between the years of 40 and 65, she always thought middle age was ten years older than she was. Now she says she is into older middle age. :)

Lily said...

Here in the UK the term is used in a derogatory way. It is usually used to unkindly describe someone who's life has become in a rut and who appears to be boring and staid. I am 47 and of someone were to refer to me as middle aged I would feel mortified. I wish it could be celebrated as in the quotation you gave. Lily. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cheers to middle age!! Have a wonderful, inspiring weekend!

Barb in Nebraska

seashoreknits said...

I love what Roses' mother had to say!

Laura said...

I guess I'm a literalist - I've always thought of Middle Age as around 40-50 - the middle of one's life! At 46, I certainly don't feel middle-aged but I would technically consider myself that. It has gotten me in hot water so I keep that view to myself mostly!

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