Monday, July 23, 2012

Housecleaning Festival

I need to do quite a bit of deep cleaning this week. It's my first chance in ages, a quiet week, just two girls at home, and only one trip out of town.

I decided to call it a Housecleaning Festival--like Clara's Chamber Music Festival, only domestic. If you just go by the name, you might think it's a big party, when it's actually a lot of intense and concerted effort, over several days. That's me, with the cleaning.

Three rooms are already brighter. Celebrating with a new-to-me yellow and strawberry tablecloth I nabbed on our camping excursion, and a little Mozart opera while we work.


Lisa said...

I like Mozart's operas - they're nice and silly.


Lisa said...

Are those your picnic dishes? Or are you warming up towards
yellow? :D


Margo said...

It almost sounds fun when you describe it that way. But I can't bring myself to clean hard in this heat - probably that's why fall cleaning is so appealing.

Anna said...

Clara owns these but they've been our everyday dishes since January. I am indeed warming up to yellow!

Janel said...

It's all about perspective! Actually, I love it.

Farrah said...

I've been in a binging and purging mood myself lately. Have fun!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I wonder if I could call it a garage cleaning festival and invite my husband to the party? :)

Love your "new" tablecloth.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Sounds like you are making cleaning fun.. Love when it gets done..
The yellow dishes are beautiful.

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