Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clara on the Phone

Clara on the phone with her roommate--they meet for the first time next week. No worries though as Hannelore was already planning to bring a vintage pitcher for raspberry lemonade.

These two will get on fine.


Polly said...

YES! I love it. They'll have the nicest dorm room at college!

val said...

23 ctys23I understand.

We have a college student shadowing with a classmate's dad this week.

He's having fun. Life is good.

But it's also in flux and temporary.

But okay all, just the same. love, Val

Suzanne said...

That's awesome! You'll have to take pictures of their dorm room. Good luck Clara! ~F

Anonymous said...

Hannelore ... vintage pitcher ... raspberry lemonade. yes. Clara will be in good company.

Best Wishes C!

Gillian said...

I am loving the roommate's name! Hannalore... how pretty. And yes, it does sound as though they will get along just fine :-)

Lisa said...

And a relief for you.


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