Thursday, August 30, 2012

Log Cabin Quilt: Black Walnut

I just pieced this twin-size quilt in log cabin squares, of which I will never tire. Yellow and orange centers, ranging out to neutrals, bitter browns, and some black, this one was made with our native black walnut trees in mind.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I love the name. My folks have quite a few black walnuts trees on their property. Such beautiful trees; great for climbing, too. Squirrels are quite fond of 'em, too. Is their a squirrel anywhere on your quilt?


Xenia Kathryn said...

I just love your color schemes, and all of your log cabin quilts! This one is so perfect for fall.

Do you use a special technique for assembling the blocks, or do you do it all piece by piece?


Ashley P said...

What beautiful colors to put together! I'd watch for this in your shop but *alas* they get snapped up so quickly!

Anna said...

No squirrel, Dee.

Xenia Kathryn, I do the blocks assembly line--first all the centers, then all the next row, etc.

Ashley, it won't be in the shop for a while--has to get quilted first!

Lisa said...

This one has a lot going on in the way of prints - I like it!


I've been cutting up fabric in log cabin-sized pieces to try my own.

Karen said...

Your designs never cease to amaze me. Like the other comments, I also love your color combos.

Moll said...

Great work, and that's a perfect black walnut brown!
The tennis ball-green nuts look so perfect in a bowl this time a year -- plus that motivates me to get them off my lawn before I mow.

Margo said...

it's beautiful. I love how you explain your patchwork.

seashoreknits said...

Very pretty, Anna!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but this quilt reminds me of those gorgeous, speckled, brown mama mallards with a tiny, yellow duckling with orange bill nestled into its feathers.

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