Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Scrap Quilts for Baby

In July I pieced several quilt tops and then my mother went and had her hand operated on, which--just imagine--slowed her quilting down! Then before she could get to my projects, she went and quilted an enormous vintage applique quilt top for Clara to take to college with her.

But *now* I'm getting the satisfactions! So I have the Raspberry Patch Scrap Quilt you see above, offered in my etsy shop,

and I've also got this gorgeous Rain in June green log cabin waiting for a friend to decide yes or no. If she passes, it will go in the shop too. I do so love picking up a finished quilt from my mother's house. The difference between a top and a quilt is so profound and the quilt is so very satisfying.


kristen said...


Have you not posted the quilt yet, or has it already sold? They both look lovely, but I'm hoping for the green one. :) So glad Clara had a quilt to take to college. I loved both her celery ruffle dress and the chocolate covered frock. Beautiful work on a beautiful young woman.

SisterlyLove said...

How beautiful! Glad you mommy is back to quilting!

Will we get to see a picture of Clara's quilt? Pretty please?


Anna said...

Kristen, it posted and sold already. If you're serious about the green one I'll email you if it becomes available and give you first dibs (well, I guess they'll be second dibs by then!).

Cynthia said...

I admire your ability to finish a quilt. I started one right before my first child was born. Then came 6 others, through the next 11 years. I really need to finish it before my oldest graduates in May!

kristen said...

Anna, I am serious about the green one, though I was trying to look at the raspberry one for price.

Anna said...

Kristen, I'll keep that in mind. Could you email me through my profile? Thanks--I'll be in touch.

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