Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple • Orchid

A rare moment when the table looked somewhat serene--I have multiple projects taking up room at all times this weekend, although the last piece of an endless stenciling job is drying tonight. A good thing, too, because I need that table space for something else that needs spreading out.

And then it will be back to apples and orchids.


kath said...

Ha ha, it sounds like my house! I have a project going in every room. Embroidery in my bedroom before I go to sleep at night, knitting in the family room, sewing in the dining room and quilting in the living room. I even have a bag for long car trips! Fortunately, I have been very blessed with a patient husband!

fGs said...

Beautiful table scape, Anna. I love the simple elegance.

seashoreknits said...

Anna, I just had to pop in here and say what a very lovely photograph. This is so sweet and serene - I would frame this one and hang it in my own home. It makes me happy!

WendyBee said...

I am always interested to see what is going on at the schoolhouse. Show us your projects!
Love your orchids!

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