Monday, October 15, 2012

First Sunny Day in Paris

Traveling with Daisy you are always made aware of pigeons; they delight her constantly.

We headed out this morning and immediately ran into the flower market; it's a block away. Oh, there's a House of Orchids? I'll window shop right here, thanks.

And I like this tray of sedum too.

We headed to Saint-Chapelle, just another couple of blocks away. That's the one with all the stained glass. It's surprisingly tiny but also surprisingly full of stained glass. The sun was out, just right.

The museums and churches are so beautiful but they do become sort of endless-feeling to younger people. Pacing ourselves!

A walk over to the Louvre to visit the Tuileries; we're saving the museum for a rainy day, many of which are predicted this week.

Just about the biggest buildings we've ever seen, but not so exciting to Daisy as the clipped hedges in the gardens.

We watched the sailboats in the pond for a little while. This one was particularly charming because I believe it is actually patched up with scraps, done very tidily.

The Composer is always a fan of single perspective. This is the city for him (straight line vistas everywhere).

Home to cook dinner. It's actually my father-in-law's birthday! We went with something homey--a chicken roasted in the oven, a mixed-vegetable sauté in a skillet, all combined eventually with fresh linguine and rich stock, and served in a bowl.

And a visit to the pastry store afforded an assortment of tiny cakes and tarts to sample for dessert.

We brought aprons from home.

Cards for the others, while the Composer and I went back to Saint-Chappelle for a solo violin performance, of Bach's partitas.


nicole said...

Paris has the biggest Pigeons I've ever seen! I woke my first morning there, looking out the window, up to the roof of the building opposite and wondered if it was a statue, some kind of weird building add on or maybe a gargoyle... then it moved and I saw it was in fact the biggest pigeon alive.

I hope your stay in Paris will not be too wet.

Also: Look into going on a bike tour of Paris. I did this May, and it was lovely!

Tracy said...

Beautiful! And King's Corners! I learned to play that game as a very young girl. My great grandma taught me.

Lisa said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Having your own kitchen over there, and the birthday dinner - I've been wondering what kind of dinner he'd have this year.
French pastries! What a trip to remember.


Joanna Webber said...

I was just there in June, right there where you are walking. It is so interesting to see it from another person's eyes...having been there.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anna, love! I stayed on the Ile de la Cite in the late fall and enjoyed Paris so much! Hope to go with my husband and children one day. Mary Brooke

Adie said...

I can practically walk the streets with you! I loved St. Chappelle's stained glass.

Climb the stairs to the top of Notre Dame if you can. Look for the gargoyles - you can get a great photo of a gargoyle with the Eiffel tower in the background.

My top place to visit is Versailles Palace and gardens. Just unbelievable! The RER takes you right out there, about two blocks from the entrance; the train ride isn't long. Trivia:I often did my grocery shopping at the market just up the street from the palace because it was only two train stops from our house :)

Farrah said...

Sounds glorious!

Happy birthday to your Father-in-law!

Katie Lindsay said...

How lucky are Daisy and Bella! I love Bella's red coat.

Amy said...

My parents were just there in Paris at the same time! They left today (Tues.) to drive up to Bayeaux.

Hope you have a wonderful remainder of your stay!

Nina said...

Looks like you're having a lovely time! :) I spent two days in Paris a couple years ago - much too short! I'd love to go back some day.

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