Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Neutral Dresses

Alabama Studio Style six-gore dress; you've seen it in progress. Quilting the stenciled shapes is so much fun. I did this in two layers of cotton/modal blend jersey, both fairly lightweight.

The stencil is "Angie's Fall" from the Alabama Chanin website.

And here's a dress I finished last spring but never photographed. This is Vogue 8648, not one I'd recommend. Do you see how this is a fairly simple silhouette--a fitted bodice and a circle skirt? Well, the dress actually consists of FORTY-FOUR pieces, I kid you not. True, it's lined. But the bodice is pieced out of innumerable itty bits. And they are all cut on the bias. And they are all topstitched. What could go wrong?



Lisa said...

Two layers - now, there's an idea! And, quilting it - nice, nice.


Angela said...

I have enjoyed a summer of making dresses that consisted of TWO pieces. I don't think I'm up for 44:) I love all your Alabama Channin Style stuff.

Polly said...

Yeah RIGHT! Well, in spite of the complicated process, the end result is gorgeous. I love the vogue dress design.

Lily said...

I particularly like the black dress - its so pretty in its simplicity. Lily. xxx

Lisa said...

I'm thinking again of this idea of yours to use the double layer - I imagine that so many gores are what makes it possible; otherwise the layers might not move together. Well, that's an option to think about with some of these cheaper knits.


Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Beautiful dresses.
Visiting from Cheryl, Thinking of Home.
Love the Grace Livingston Hill quotes. I've quoted her myself, and she's a great favorite of mine.

WendyBee said...

I love the first dress, it's beauty is evident on the mannequin. The second dress is no doubt beautiful too, but it is harder to tell. But you must be very patient and skilled to have finished it. And it must be special enough to be an "occasion" dress. I hope you used some really worth-it fabric!

the momma said...

love it (of course!) I see you added a 3/4 sleeve to 'my' dress ;-)

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